Snacks – Make them Good for You

Snacks should be a healthy part of your diet. They can actually help to keep your weight down by keeping you from getting too hungry. When you have eaten a nutritious snack you are more likely to choose a salad for lunch than a plate of french fries.

But the choice of snack is very important. It should have a high vitamin and mineral content and a low starch content. Your body likes to store starch as fat.

The best snacks are fruit and nuts. Fruit can be fresh or dried. Nuts are best without added oils. A handful of nuts is high in protein and nutrition and will make you feel full.

Stay clear of any donuts, cakes, cookies, candy, french fries or chips. These are what make you fat and poorly nourished.

If you keep a little baggie of nuts and dried fruit with you then you can always count on a healthy snack!


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